Punch Breath #10

Punch Breath #10

Type Hybrid
THC 21.96% Lot 50
Punch Breath (Sativa Hybrid) CNB-05403000

Punch Breath is fresh cannabis (not irradiated), comes in 12 unit master packs, 3.5g single units, in premium packaging Matte Black Glass Jars.

THC: 21.96% Lot 50

Terpenes: 1.89%

Punch Breath is a Hybrid strain, the Genetics consist of MendoBreath x Burmese Kush x Purple Punch x grapefruit. Terpenes give a musky champagne, earthy, piney, gassy tones with accents of a floral, hoppy, and citrus mimosa finish. The buds are mint green with purple accents, mixed with orange hairs, that weave into the dark olive green buds, and contain a heavy amount of resin.