Crumbled Lime #5

Crumbled Lime #5

Type Sativa Dominant Hybrid - 70% sativa/30% indica
THC 23.72%
Crumbled Lime (Indica Hybrid) CNB-05403394  / 21.75%-23.72% THC
Crumbled Lime is fresh cannabis (not irradiated), comes in 12 unit master packs, 3.5g single units, in premium packaging Matte Black Glass Jars (Lot 66) & matte black glass dube tubes containing 3 x Prerolls 0.35g (Lot 115)

THC:21.75% Lot 66 & 23.72% Lot 115

Terpenes: 2.43% Lot 66 & 3.93% Lot 115

Citron Cookies X Biker Kush

Crumbled Lime is Citron Cookies X Biker Kush strains. Crumbled Lime packs a super sweet citrusy lemon lime flavor that turns sour lime upon exhale. The Crumbled Lime high has long-lasting effects that will have you feeling relaxed and you will feel a sense of euphoria at the onset of the high that creeps and intensifies throughout the duration of the high without causing anxiety or stress. This bud has dense lime green buds with dark orange hairs, a frosty coating of purple-tinted trichomes and a thick layer of sweet sticky resin.