Ryze with Us!
UpRyze is a craft Cannabis Cultivator focusing on a unique, high quality and consistent cannabis product experience setting its brand apart from the large volume driven licensed Cannabis producers.MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US
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Our Genetic bank has some of the most unique and sought after strains in the market today!MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US
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Punch Breath, MAC 1, Crumbled Lime, LA Kush Cake, and many more!
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About Us

UpRyze Cannabis is a Micro Cultivation and Micro Processing Licence Holder in its purpose-built, specialty indoor facility in Acheson, Alberta. UpRyze Cannabis is truly craft – small batch grown, hang dried, hand trimmed and expertly cured. UpRyze produces exceptional, high quality cannabis, to bring a unique experience highly valued by consumers.

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Cannabis Expertise and Relationships

UpRyze has assembled an exceptionally strong team of executives, advisors, and industry pioneers
to assist in its formation as a profitable, niche cultivator and extractor.

  • Health Canada regulatory experience and expertise
  • Founders are active investors, advisors, and participated in early and mid-stage cannabis focused companies
  • Involved in industry associations such as the Alberta Cannabis Council
  • Working with DR Quality Assurance Consulting & QnR Associates on licenses. DR Quality Assurance 20-year veteran of the food and food product quality assurance world. QnR supports facilities to the highest level of GMP compliance and has an excellent regulatory approval track record.